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Hi! I’m Jordan Adams, also known as “Mr. Seamoss”.  Randy Seamoss is a small family owned business that is passionate about providing simple solutions to a healthier lifestyle. 


My main focus is to raise health awareness and spread knowledge of the importance of nutrition. It is my hope that people use these products with intentions of bettering themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


Seamoss is a high-vibrational source of energy, designed by nature, that when consumed leads to us becoming the purest and most true version of ourselves. 




Seamoss is known to have many benefits to ones overall health. With consistent consumption and a healthy lifestyle, it can help boost the immune system, remove mucus, enhance cognitive ability, improve digestion, stimulate a higher sex-drive, provide energy, restore and revitalize skin… the list goes on!


I use nothing but the highest quality Seamoss from St. Lucia’s tropical Caribbean waters combined with fine fresh fruits and medicinal herbs to bring to you healthfully infused, nutritious and delicious Seamoss gels. 


Thank you for your interest and support as I continue to learn, grow, and create who we are. I appreciate you visiting this site. Please stay tuned, there are more amazing products coming soon! 

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